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Adventure She Magazine 

Issue 6 - June 2019

Available now

Adventure She June 2019 - Cover.jpeg

Issue 6 of Adventure She, the online magazine that empowers, educates and entertains through sharing stories of adventure, is now online and ready for you to buy and read.  Of course, if you're a 2019 subscriber, you already have your passwords, so jump right in and enjoy straight away.  If not, then you can still read the 2019 issues by going to the 'subscribe' tab and selecting '2019' there.


This issue is a special 'self belief' issue.  After all, if we don't believe in ourselves, then who'll believe in us?   


Yet so many people out there suffer from a lack of faith in their own ability. 


So in this the second of our 2019 issues, we have lots of amazing stories about people who've started to believe in themselves, and through that belief, gone on and achieved great stuff.  We also look at various conservation type stories and delve into the world of where menstruation is a taboo.


The stories include adventures in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, all of which make for some great photos.  


Meanwhile, if you didn't get around to subscribing in 2018, why not go to the buy magazine tab, where you can still get hold of  all four of our amazing 2018 issues which covers topics like mental health, adventuring with children, conquering fears and coping with change, as well as visiting a multitude of countries including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, France,Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Romania, Spain, South Sudan, USA, UK and Venezuela. 


With masses of high resolutions photos, especially from the fabulous professional photographer Rosie Dutton, the magazine might take a minute or two to download, but as they say, good things come to those to wait.  Personally, I get the fastest download with Google Chrome.  Happy reading everyone, we really hope you agree this issue really does empower, educate and entertain.


Editor and founder



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