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Thank you for subscribing to our 2022 issues.

2022 subscribers will get to read four massive issues of Adventure She magazine. 


The first of these issues is ready to read, only our external software provider is having problems. So don't worry if you see there's a charge of £5.  That's a MISTAKE.  

We will contact the software house as soon as they are open after the Easter break to get it fixed.


Meanwhile, please send us a message via the contact page if you're desperate to read the April 2022 issue, and we will send you a special link to your email. 


The theme for the April issue is 'step by step'.  Check out the editorial to see what we mean by 'step by step' and how we think adopting a 'step by step' approach may help of each to live our best life.  Step by step, we'll get this issue to you.  Please do accept our apologies for the delay and inconvenience.


If you have already subscribed to previous issues, of course you can keep reading those too.  If you haven't yet subscribed to those issues, you can still buy them on our 'Subscribe' page.  If you encounter any problems in accessing the magazine, let us know, for we really are here to help you and we'll do our best to sort out whatever it is.  

Whether you bought the magazine using our website  or Issuu (and read it using a link Issuu sent you), it's great to have you as a reader.  We really hope you enjoy reading Adventure She and that you find it to be, yes you guessed it, empowering, educating and entertaining.

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