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Adventure She Magazine 
Issue 15 - December 2021
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December 2021 Cover

It's here, the December 2021 issue of Adventure She magazine, full of more stories about inspiring women, stories we hope will very much empower, educate and entertain you.

The theme for this issue is 'SMARTER' goal setting.  if you're dreaming of travel and adventure, how about turning those dreams into goals, but not just any old goal, but SMARTER goals.


The adventures in this issue are from places as far flung as Mali and Uzbekistan, Brazil and Romania, and Wales and Scotland!  There's also articles which might help you with safe open water swimming and navigation.  We however think the best bit is the feature length interview with the founder of Bradt Travel Guides, Hilary Bradt. She's a legend in the travel business and a brilliant story teller.


So if you have already subscribed to our 2021 issues, enjoy. If you haven't already subscribed, you can still do so for all of the years we've covered, including 2021. Simply go to It's now available at a reduced price of £10. 


Where else would you get so much for so little for remember, it's not just a travel or an adventure magazine, it's a magazine that in a very entertaining easy to read manner, aims to empower and eductate us to be our best possible self.


Enjoy everyone and remember, don't forget to subscribe



See you soon



The Adventure She team



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