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Issue 7 - September 2019

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Issue 7 of Adventure She, the online magazine that empowers, educates and entertains through sharing stories of adventure, is finally here and ready for you to read.  If you're a 2019 subscriber, you already have your password, so jump right in and enjoy straight away.  If you haven't yet subscribed, go to our 'buy magazine' page and subscribe today.


This issue's theme is 'seize the moment'.  After all, it doesn't matter how good we are at stuff, if we don't 'seize the moment', will those moments every come around again?   


For some people seizing the moment might mean learning a new skill.  For others, it could mean improving their skill base or undertaking a challenge they are equipped to do, but have been putting off.    


So in this the third of our 2019 issues, as you'll see from the photos below, we have lots of amazing stories about people who've seized the moment.  We also  take a look at a couple of cultures very  that are different to those most of us know about, namely the Mai Meri of Malaysia and the Hunza of Pakistan.  


There's also stories from the USA, Australia, the UK,  plus more unusually the Arctic and Oman.    


Meanwhile, if you didn't get around to subscribing in 2018, why not go to the buy magazine tab, where you can still get hold of  all four of our amazing 2018 issues, which cover topics like mental health, adventuring with children, conquering fears and coping with change, as well as visiting a multitude of countries including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, France,Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Romania, Spain, South Sudan, USA, UK and Venezuela. 


As always, with masses of high resolutions photos, the magazine might take a minute or two to download, but as they say, good things come to those to wait.  Personally, I get the fastest download with Google Chrome.  Happy reading everyone, we really hope you agree this issue really does empower, educate and entertain.


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HIking the Arctic
Hiking 700kms in the Arctic with two dogs isn't easy. Experienced expeditioner Rachel Frei Bandiere shows us how its done.
Pakistan's Hunza
What's it really like in Pakistan's Hunza and is there any truth to the stories of their longevity?
Running Around Wales
Dr Katie Wirght shares how she battled self belief to pursue her goal of running around Wales.
Hiking Oman's Empty Quarter
Can you imagine hiking 800 kms, so 500 miles? Now can you imagine if that hike were in a sandy desert full of dunes? Janey McGill shares the story of planning for her trip across the legendary Empty Quarter in Oman, and what it was like out there with her two female Omani hiking companions.
The Big Red
Adventure doesn't have to be about hiking, or cycling, or kayaking, or any physical feat. Adventure is so much more as Belle Sinclair shares, in her story of crossing Australia's SImpson Desert.
Mountain Biking
In this story, long time Colorado resident Judy Thomas, shares one of her favourite mountain biking trips with us. It's the epic White Rim Trail in Utah, USA.
Regenerating Heritage
The cuture of the Mah Meri aboriginals of Malaysia is under threat. So how are they going about protecting it, so that it doesn't die a death? Why not find out.
Local Adventures
Lack of time and money often mean big adventures are few are far between for most people. But there's still the weekends. Here Jo Turner and family show us how it's done, after all, they decided to design their own triatholon.
The Big Interview
This quarter our Big Interview is with former banker and now prize winning podcaster Sarah Williams of Tough Girl Challenges and the Tough Girl Tribe. In it she shares how she utilises skills learned from her banking career, to work in an area she's passionate about, inspiring women.
In the third of this regular but still newish series, we visit the UNESCO listed castles of North Wales.
Tasmania's Overland Track
What's it like to hike for day after day after day, including on Christmas Day, when you're 9 and a half? Hannah Robinson tells all.
Chase The Sun
Sally Doyle shares what it's like to take part in this iconic event, where people cycle across England during daylight hours in just one day.
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