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We really hope you enjoyed reading Adventure She. 


If you have any comments, be they good or bad, if you have any stories you'd like to pitch to us, or if you have unfortunately had any problems on the IT side of things (whether paying for, accessing or reading the magazine), please do let us know. 


If you've had problems, we're really sorry, we promise we'll do our very very very best to resolve them as soon as possible.  

If you are happy with the magazine, brilliant, that makes us happy too. 

Thank you for your message. If you have a query, we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

And Finally, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


We use Paypay and Stripe to collect payments and so we never know your account details. 

We do receive your name and email address, but we definitely won't sell this or pass it on to anyone. 

As for cookies, we have no idea how cookies and all that other IT stuff works.  This site is built using Wix and some subscribers will read the magazine through ISSUU. We guess Paypay, Stripe, Wix, Issuu have cookies and stuff like that automatically built in.  The usual standard stuff.  

As far as we're concerned, we will only send you essential newsletters like letting you know information such as  when the next magazine becomes available for you to view, or when the next webinar will be held.  We can't envisage any other reason to send you newsletters or emails, though on a rare occasion, we might need to do so, e.g., IT issues meaning the website is down for maintenance, or because we have some news we think you'll be really interested to hear, or possibly very occasionally to collate feedback or to check you're happy and everything is OK.    



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