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Adventure She Magazine 

Issue 13 - April 2021

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Welcome to the first of our 2021 issues. 


This issue includes a detailed interview with former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, who also served two terms as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, the UN's third most powerful role. 


There's also an article on how building a bee fence can help improve relations between elephants and communities in Tanzania, working on health and education projects for women in rural Nepal and charity hiking in Egypt. 


True to our roots, there's lots too about various adventure activities including bikepacking in Peru, a continuous round of the Wainswrights (a series of peaks in the Lake District), and getting into paddling with Canoe Wales.  There's lots more too. 


We hope you'll agree that's some quality content in this issue.  That's what were doing this year, focusing on quality, not quantity, which is why we'll be pubishing three issues this year, on 1 April, 1 August and 1 December.   We'll still be bringing you lots of empowering, educating and entertaining stories about women, it's just  a few of those stories will star women who are household names. 


Remember to access this issue, you will need to subscribe to our 2021 plan.  If you've just heard about us, you can also still get hold of our past issues by subscribing to our 2018, 2019 and 2020 issues.  Simply go to our subscriptions tab and select the year you'd like to access.

Happy reading everyone and as always,  please do send us your feedback and let us know the types of stories you'd like to read in the magazine.  Of course, if you'd like to pitch us an article, definitely let us know.  We can't promise to pitch every story, but we will get back to you.  It doesn't matter if you haven't written anywhere else, after all we're about empowering people and we want to empower budding writers, as much as our readers. 


Editor and founder



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