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Adventure She Magazine 

Issue 9 - March 2020

Now Online

March 2020 Cover.jpg

Welcome to the March 2020, or Issue 9 of Adventure She, the online magazine that empowers, educates and entertains through sharing stories of adventure, is now online. 


We're thrilled to be back for our third year, for we believe in the ongoing need for a magazine like Adventure She, a magazine dedicated to empowering, educating and entertaining through sharing stories of adventure.  We really hope you stay with us in 2020 as we keep sharing stories that we believe really helps empower, educate and entertain all of us.


If  you're a 2018 and / or 2019 subscriber, you already have your passwords for those years.  If you're not, you can still subscribe to these, simply go to our 'subscribe' tab.


This issue's theme is 'stepping outside the comfort zone'.  After all, it doesn't matter how good we are at our usual stuff, we also need to be able to deal with the unexpected, or the difficult. 


The stories come from as far a field as Dubai, Hong Kong, Iran, New Zealand, Peru, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.   They deal with issues such as body mind issues, fatigue and confidence.  They also explore hiking, running, triathlon, kayaking, and scooting.  Cycling is included this time in one of our book reviews.  You can see the front cover of each article below.  Go on, take a peak, then go to our 'Subscribe' tab, select 2020 and buy there, so you can read all the stories in full.  

Happy reading everyone, we really hope you agree this issue really does empower, educate and entertain.


Editor and founder



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