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Issue 8 - December 2019

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Issue 8 of Adventure She, the online magazine that empowers, educates and entertains through sharing stories of adventure, is now online. 


Thank you for supporting us during our first two years.  We're still learning the craft of creating and publishing a magazine, and would love to hear any feedback you may have for us.  We believe in the ongoing need for a magazine like Adventure She, a magazine dedicated to empowering, educating and entertaining through sharing stories of adventure.  We really hope you stay with us in 2020 as we keep sharing stories that we believe really helps empower, educate and entertain all of us.


If  you're a 2019 subscriber, you already have your password.  If you haven't yet subscribed, go to our 'buy magazine' page and subscribe today, to get access to all 4 of the 2019 issues.  These will of course stay online way beyond 31 December 2019.  In fact, if we can, they'll be online forever.  Oh and if you subscribe to 2019 in December, you'll get two subscriptions for the price of one, so you could keep one and gift one. 


This issue's theme is 'resilience'.  After all, it doesn't matter how good we are at stuff, if we fall at the first hurdle, we won't get very far in life.  The stories come from as far a field as Antarctica, Hong Kong, Kenya, Norway, Slovenia, the UK and the USA.   They deal with issues such as life after major surgery, life after serious illness, life after being in a horrendous skiing accident, life after abandoning a conventional way of living in which one felt trapped, and life after learning marketing sills - that last one is about some of Kenya's Masai women. 

Meanwhile, if you didn't get around to subscribing in 2018, why not go to the buy magazine tab, where you can still get hold of  all four of our amazing 2018 issues, which cover topics like mental health, adventuring with children, conquering fears and coping with change, as well as visiting a multitude of countries including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Romania, Spain, South Sudan, USA, UK and Venezuela. 


As always, with masses of high resolutions photos, the magazine might take a minute or two to download, but as they say, good things come to those to wait.  Personally, I get the fastest download with Google Chrome.  Happy reading everyone, we really hope you agree this issue really does empower, educate and entertain.

For now, take a peak at the stories from our September 2019 issue which are listed below.


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Mushing in Norway
Mushing in Norway
Life After Surgery
From mountaineering and climbing in Colorado USA to white water kayaking in Slovenia
The Way We Live
How to live an alternative lifestyle and travel with a school age child
Skiing to the South Pole
Training, kit and food planning for a full length ski to the South Pole after blood clots in the lungs
Adventure Gone Wrong
What happens when others take no heed of risk assessment and risk management and are so wreckless they crash into you and you need surgery.
Adventures in Rubbish
Positive thinking, building solutions, managing eco-anxiety, those are the keys factors in helping deal with our rubbish problem.
Hong Kong Trailwalker
First ultra marathon, hiking 100 kms, training for a mega hike. Yes Hong Kong has amazing hiking terrain as well as some very tough hiking weather.
Photographing Landscapes
This is your opportunity to learn from a pro as to how to take better landscape photos.
Adventures With Scoliosis
Building a new more resilient life despite debilitating scoliosis, through cycling and cross country skiing
Schools of Hope
Giving a little can mean so much to these people, for through these schools and after school clubs, lives are truly transformed.
Ice Training
What's it like to hack through ice before going for a swim in a partially frozen lake? Sioned Eleri Roberts finds it so invigorating, it helped her cope whilst caring for a parent with dementia.
Wild Swimming
The wild swimming movement is growing. But how and where to start? What about safety issues? Are there any women only clubs? Becki Read shares all.
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