Adventure She Magazine 

Issue 5 - March 2019

Issue 5 of Adventure She, the online magazine that empowers, educates and entertains through sharing stories of adventure, is now here.    


This is our first edition for 2019 and it's also our first birthday.  


This issues contains lots of amazing stories including Alaska's Iditarod, paddling the Yukon, hiking to Machu Picchu, celebrating in Indonesia, cycling to Rome with a dog, risk management in adventure and lots more. 


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We're still new to this publishing business so please remember, do send us your thoughts, comments and ideas for articles, using the Contact Us page on this website.  


We really look forward to hearing from you and to bringing you a whole loads of stories, that will amaze, delight and thrill you, during 2019.

Happy reading, happy planning and happy adventuring. 


Editor and founder



Paddling the Yukon River
Hiking Inca Trails
As well as discussing the Inca Trails, this article deals with Machu Picchu and the impact the Sendero Luminoso guerillas had on the development of tourism in Peru.
Run Across Britain
This story follows one woman's run from John O'Groats in Scotland to Lands End in England, so a run right across the UK.
The Iditarod
What's it like to be a volunteer vet at the world's most famous dog mushing race. Read this story to find out.
Climbing Mont Blanc
Is it safe to climb Western Europe's highest peak? Gemma Smith shares here experience.
Hiking to Everest Base Camp
What's it like to travel the world and hike to one of the world's most iconic trails, age just 13?
Bushwalking Australia
Australia is so much more than Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Read on to discover hiking (aka bushwalking) Australian style.
Nyepi Festival
Travel is more than hiking, cycling, paddling. True adventure also means meeting, getting to know the locals and finding out what's important to them.
Cycling to Rome
Cycling to Rome is a challenge in itself. But what's it like when you take your best friend, your dog, with you?
Hospitals Around The World
When things go wrong as they sometimes will ....... What do you do? How do hospitals compare. Take a whistle stop tour with this article.
What's it like to live in a place like Madagascar. Jade Toft did exactly that when based there with the US's Peace Corps.
Coasteering Pembrokeshire
Coasteering was 'born' in Pembrokeshire, a land of steep cliffs, amazing beaches and lots of sea. Read on to find out more about this adrenaline filled sport.
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