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Colorado Trail and our Autumn Issue

Well our editor, Jane, made it. This last summer she successfully hiked the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango.

The trail is described as involving around 89,000 feet of climbing over 486 miles. Mind you, those feet and miles are measured using the Collegiate East version. That's right, near the village of Twin Lakes hikers have a choice, to take the original Collegiate East trail, or the newer Collegiate West route. The western route is longer, involves hiking at way higher elevations and is rougher under foot. But, it's also said to be way more scenic. Of course she chose the scenic though tougher western option. She figures in total, what with extra distances hiked whilst trying to get lifts into town for resupply, she hiked 500 miles.

Don't worry, she hasn't forgotten about the magazine. She's now back at her desk and the next issue of Adventure She will be out in early October.

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