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Risks - reward v regret

How's your 2024 going? Good I hope. How about today? Hopefully better than Facebook and Instagram are having, as they appear to be down.

In 2023 I took a risk, I put Adventure She on hiatus. I needed a break. The reward is the renewed love which I feel for empowering, educating and entertaining through Adventure She. The risk I took is that no one would care about Adventure She any more. Turns out the opposite is true. I've been getting inundated with people pitching stories.

So it's time to take another risk. Life is finite, we can only fit so much in to any one day. The question then becomes how to spend one's time? What's truly worth doing, when no moment can be relived?

The risk I'm taking is to once again put Adventure She as a priority, to spent some of my 24 hours in a day to help empower, educate and entertain through Adventure She. I really hope you choose to spent part of your day, week, or month, being part of the Adventure She community, whether by reading it, sending in your news, writing stories, telling others how the magazine has (hopefully) helped you in some way, or encouraging others to buy some of the past issues.

Hopefully one day Facebook and Instagram will be back up and running and I can keep sharing Adventure She news and other stories there. But, I also hope to make more use of this website, be it in blog format, or online newsletters, or more magazines, or something I haven't even yet thought of. Please do let me know what you would like to see, after all, what you want, matters.

So here's to taking measured risks, risks that have been assessed and accepted. With your support, I hope it will be a risk worth taking.

Finally, if you'd like to read more about risk assessment and management, why not check out Adventure She magazine's March 2019 issue, as risk was the theme for that issue.

Click here to buy the issue for £5

Or, go to the 'subscribe' tab on Adventure She's website and choose 2019, when for now just £10, you will get instant access to all 4 of the 2019 issues, with the themes of risk management and assessment, seize the moment, self belief and resilience.


Founder and editor

Adventure She

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