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Issue 19 - Now online

Our December 2022 issue is now online and ready for you to read. We apologise it's late. Our editor tried her hardest to make up for the two months she was away last year, but just couldn't do it. With a theme of self kindness in Issue 18, we figured rather than make her work around the clock and through Christmas, we should practice what we preach and be kind to her.

Ironically, the theme for this issue is 'time management', after all, time is so scarce, if we don't manage to control our time, we're in danger of finding we have no time for the good things in life, including adventures.

The stories listed below contain what we think are some absolute epics, for there's:

  • packrafting Iceland with Leanne Dyke;

  • setting a fastest known time on the Colorado Trail with Kristina Bodewes;

  • bear watching with Atli Pommer;

  • expat tales from New Zealand including racing the legandary Coast to Coast across the South Island, by Jane Harries;

  • book reviews;

  • our regular what a woman feature won by Bethany (Fidget) Hughes and Lauren (Neon) Reed, collectively known as Her Odyssey;

  • long distance swimming and breastfeeding courtesy of Sophie Ruffles;

  • swimming the English Channel with Girls Alive Surrey and written by Ellie Ames;

  • bouldering in London by Kate Capelli;

  • photography tips from Harri Corp, who also shares her first experience of solo bikepacking; and

  • big news about what's happening in 2023. Don't miss this. It's massive.

Remember to read our 2022 issues, you need to buy a 2022 subscription and yes these are still available in 2023. So go on, click on our subscribe tab and get immediate access to all four of our 2022 issues. The themes for the other issues were:

  • taking a step by step approach to achieving goals;

  • the importance of attitude; and

  • self kindness.

It's only £12 in total for all four of the issues. So what are you waiting for, go on, subscribe today, after all, where else will you find so much inspiration and motivation for just £12? Inspiration that will hopefully help you to live your best life.

Yes subscribe today and enjoy what we think is one of the most empowering, educating and entertaining magazines out there.

Happy reading everyone.

Bye for now

The Adventure She team

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