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Coming Soon - Our August Issue

We are so excited about our soon to be published August issue, which includes articles as varied as an interview with round the world solo sailor Pip Hare, volunteering in Serbia, and waka canoeing in New Zealand.

Our theme this time round is 'control' as in 'controlling the controllable'. Our editor has personal experience of this,. Having freaked out whilst mountaineering in New Zealand over 20 years earlier, how would she control her fear of falling whilst doing via ferrata in Spain? The answer, by focusing on taking control of her thoughts and her breathing. It really helped her and instead of having a terrifying experience, she had a hair raising but fun adventure.

We really hope that this issue will help you discover tricks that might work for you, as you too go about controlling the controllable in your life.

Remember you can still subscribe to all of our 2021 issues, and even all of our back issues. Simply go to the 'subscribe' tab.

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