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Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again, the time when we hit the shops or press click on our phones, tablets and computers, the time when we go searching for gifts be it for Christmas or another festival.

Here's some reading ideas we have for gifts this December, gifts people can curl up and indulge during a horrible storm, gifts to inspire future travels, gifts to learn about other lands and cultures. Yes the first one is Adventure She magazine, but scroll on down for other recommendations.

1. Adventure She magazine

It can be a subscription to our 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021 issues, or a subscription to all of them. They are all still available. That's the joy of publishing digitally. If you have missed an issue, you can catch up. Shop here or at ISSUU for single issues. Here's the front covers of the issues published to date.

2. Roam Alone

If you've already read all of our issues, why not treat yourself to more inspirational short stories in the form of Roam Alone, tales of lone travelers. Publishied by Bradt, whose co-founder Hilary Bradt we've interviewed for our December 2021 issue, which will be out in time for Christmas. #Bradt

3. A Connemara Journey

Hilary Bradt will probably be the cover person of our December issue, pictured on a pony she borrowed to do a mammoth unsupported horse ride in Ireland. That story is the subject of her book A Connemara Journey #HilaryBradt

4. Amazon Woman

One of the best books I have read. You can read the full review in the September 2020 issue of Adventure She magazine. #darcygaechter #amazonwoman

5. The Breakaway

Reviewed in our June 2020 issue, with women having their own version of the Tour de France in 2022, now is a good time to read, or reread this book by Nicole Cooke, the Olympic gold medalist who won the women's version of the Tour de France twice, before it was cancelled for so many years. She spares nothing in her description of what it was like as a women in a sport where women appear to have been treated as being insignificant when compared to men. #nicolecooke #womencycling


Just as we love supporting authors and publishers of books that back empowering, educating, entertaining women, we would love it, if you too support us this Christmas.


  • If you are looking for a low cost gift that gives and keeps giving way beyond Christmas, why not gift your loved ones a subscription to Adventure She?

  • If you are looking for a Secret Santa gift with a difference, why not gift a subscription to Adventure She?

  • If you are looking to treat yourself and haven't already subscribed to our magazine, go on, gift yourself a subscription to Adventure She.?

After all, it's only £15. You'll get immediate access to all of our 2021 issues published to date, plus access to our totally bumper December issue, in time for Christmas. Or, subscribe to one or more of our others years, for yes you can still read them too.

See you soon, meanwhile, let's keep empowering, educating and entertaining each other.

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