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Have you read our April 2022 issue yet?

Have you been reading our April 2022 issue? If yes, I really hope you like it. If not yet, then I really hope you subscribe to the 2022 plan which is just £12 for the WHOLE YEAR, so you too can start reading it. That's right, it's £12 for a WHOLE YEAR, not per month, or per week. So if you're paying £5 or £10 a month somewhere else, why not switch to Adventure She magazine? After all, with inflation running away, who wants to spend £60 or even £120 per year, when you can get Adventure She magazine for just £12 a year?

Here's the front cover from the April 2022 issue which contains stories of women training for triathlon in Afghanistan, travels in Mali en-route to Timbuktu, more from Helen Clark former prime minister of New Zealand and Administrator of the UN Development Program, ultra running from Everest Base Camp, tips on ocean rowing and lots more including hiking tips and a personal essay on going from a novice mountain biker to a mountain biking leader.

I really hope you enjoy this and all the upcoming 2022 issues.

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