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Keeping Sponsors Happy During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Each month, the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) conducts a survey. Their May 2020 survey showed 41% of recipients experienced "issues with employee connectedness".

It got the Adventure She team thinking.

How connected do you currently feel, whether with family, friends, colleagues, your community or adventure buddies?

If you were planning an adventure and had team mates / sponsors / backers / support crew, how connected do they feel toward you right now?

Whilst Coronavirus has (depending on where you are located) put many adventures hold, we can utilise this time to keep connected with and even to strengthen our connections with our adventure team. Longer term, that strengthened connection could really help us.

Think about it, when the new normal starts and some adventures are able to take place again, which adventurers will get the sponsorship deals? Will it be those who went quiet and didn't keep in touch, or, is it those who cared about their potential sponsors and who offered to help them and their employees during lockdown, whether by giving talks over video conferencing or in some other way?

So go on, keep in touch, not just with your nearest and dearest, but with your colleagues, bosses, teams, sponsors and your other contacts too.

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