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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you've all been enjoying Adventure She's 2022 issues with stories including:

  • Afghan women training for a triathlon;

  • an interview with the United Nations' former number 3 Helen Clark, who had already served three terms as Prime Minister of New Zealand;

  • an entire series of stories about training for and rowing the Atlantic Ocean;

  • ultra running Nepal;

  • houseboat life in Berlin;

  • travelling through Mali;

  • pre-war travels in Ukraine;

  • climbing in Alaska;

  • Nelly Bly;

  • charity hiking in the Sahara;

  • the first ever World Female Rangers week;

  • women of the Tour de France;

  • an obituary of Dervla Murphy;

  • how to become a professional cyclist;

  • hiking mistakes;

  • the Navajo nation;

  • hiking tips;

  • hiking mistakes;

  • from no clue to a mountain biking leader;

  • the adventure revolution and the importance of adventure to health;

  • swimming in Antarctica;

  • bog snorkling in Wales;

  • ultra running in the Simpson desert;

  • skiing across Svalbard;

  • riding a horse around the world'

  • paddling Rwanda to Egypt;

  • the pyramids of Sudan;

  • summiting Colorado's 14ers;

  • qualifying for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships;

  • and last but most definitely not least, the magnificent and most poignant article by Maria Tomas Rodriguez, about the boats used by people fleeing Africa and heading for the Canary Islands.

You've probably guessed by now, apart from all of the fabulous people who've written articles for the magazine, it's just me working on Adventure She (I had help I think it was last year or the year before with I think other people doing a first edit of 3 articles), sourcing articles, editing, proofreading, doing layout, finding additional photos, marketing, doing social media etc. I'd hoped to get the December issue out in time for Christmas, but well, to be honest, I'm shattered. Looking at that list of stories from the April, July and October issues, I'm not surprised, especially when you think about all the staff working on some of the big adventure magazines.

So given the theme of the October issue was 'self kindness' in other words being kind to oneself, I'm going to be kind to myself and not work through the night and all day this Christmas Eve.

Remember if you haven't already subscribed to the 2022 issues, you can still do so at

The April, July and October issues are of course all online, ready for you to read at your leisure and will soon be joined by the December issues.

If you fancy submitting an article for the December issue, please do get in touch, if possible I'll try to squeeze it in.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.


Jane Harries

Founder and editor

Adventure She

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