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October 2022 issue

Our October issue is now online and ready for you to read.

The theme for this issue is 'kindness', in particular 'self-kindness', for all too often we forget to be kind to ourselves. Worse, instead of being kind to ourselves, we can even be guilty of treating ourselves harshly. As always, the theme is explored through a range of stories, stories we hope that will empower, educate and entertain you.

The stories include absolute epics such as Cath Pendleton swimming within the Antarctic Circle, Jessica Mullins and team In Deep Ship rowing the Atlantic, Chelsea Holton ultra-running in the Australian Outback, Ellen Piercy skiing across Svalbard and Sarah Davis paddling through Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Egypt.

There's also Lucja Leonard's article on climbing fourteeners in Colorado, our editor Jane Harries shares her story of qualifying for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, whilst Arry Cain shares something totally different, her experience of bog snorkling in Wales.

As usual there's book reviews, an UNESCO feature involving more from Sudan and our 'What A Woman' award, which this time goes to Megan Knoyle Lewis, who when in her 60's, rode a horse around the world.

Maria Tomas Rodriguez' article is of a different type, for Adventure She isn't just about sport, exercise and the great outdoors. It's also about our world at large. work in documenting the migrant crisis in the Canary Islands, a route which may not get much publicity, but which is extremely deadly.

Remember to read our 2022 issues, you need to buy a 2022 subscription. So go to our subscribe tab to do exactly that. For £12 you'll get access to all of our 2022 issues already published and to be published in 2022. So what are you waiting for, go on, subscribe today, after all, where else will you find so much inspiration and motivation for just £12 a year? Inspiration that will hopefully help you to live your best life.

Yes subscribe today and enjoy what we think is one of the most empowering, educating and entertaining magazines out there.

Happy reading everyone.

Bye for now

The Adventure She team

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