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Successful adventures

What does it take for a successful adventure? Some people may give the impression they can wing it. But is that really the case? Others may claim they have trained night and day. But have the trained their body as successfully as they possibly could? For most of us the answer appears to be somewhere in the middle. Yes if we want to complete a long distance hike, we need to hike in training. Likewise a long distance bike ride involves cycling in training and a long distance swim involves swim training. But, training also means rest. Getting the balance right is critical if we are to shape our body into a body capable of succeeding in the adventure sphere.

Katie-Jane L'Herpiniere (pictured below) discusses this in her article in the first edition of Adventure She magazine. In case you're wondering who on earth she is, well Katie-Jane was the first woman to hike the whole length of the Great Wall of China. Now that, I think you will agree, is some big adventure.

For me, my goal for this year is rather more modest, it's to actually run a proper marathon, as opposed to hiking one in the middle of a 100 kms hike, or a 7 day stage race, or a ultra marathon walk organised by the Long Distance Walking Association. So today is a day off training, for my body needs to adapt to running and after a decent run yesterday, at my stage of the training process, the best thing I can do,

is to take a day off.

Happy training and remember, be kind to your body, your mind and your soul.

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