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UTMB Special Issue

In honour of the world's most amazing trail running festival, the one and only UTMB week, we've put together a special issue.

In this issue we've amalgamated all our past UTMB stories, including a big one from our just pubished August 2021 issue. We've also added an extra photo gallery, with loads of photos which we just couldn't fit into our regular issues.

It's only £3 or free, if are already a paid up subscriber to our magazine. If that's the case, let us know and we'll make sure you have access to it. 2021 subscribers should in any event already have access, as it's in the 2021 section of our website.

The cover person is New Zealander Ruth Croft, who won the OCC race at UTMB in 2019, and who came 2nd at this year's Western States 100 mile Endurance Run. Coincidentally, Beth Pascall who came first at Western States this year, is the subject of a whole article in this special issue, as we interviewed her the day prior to the 2019 UTMB race.

It's not all about the sponsored athletes though, there's plenty of coverage and photos of people who were at the tail end of some of the races. Mind you, if trail running is too tame for you, even when over the Alps. check out the article on the PTL adventure running race which is the longest race at UTMB week.

So sit back, read and enjoy and if you happen to be entering the ballot for next year, or have been asked to crew for a friend or a family member, we really hope these 120 plus pages will be of value to you.

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